Atoy Group – We love cars

Atoy, a spare parts wholesaler and a repair business, is the fourth-largest automotive service company in the Nordic countries. With experience gained from more than 90 years in the field, this Finnish family business keeps the wheels rolling for its customers, automotive professionals, and car owners. Atoy aims to become the leading provider of automotive services in northern Europe. The company employs more than 500 people in Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. Atoy Group’s turnover in 2016 exceeded EUR 110 million. Atoy is a shareholder in Temot International, a consortium of large European automotive wholesalers.
Atoy is a strong partner in the automotive sector. Atoy works closely with more than 500 independent entrepreneurs in northern Europe in the import and wholesale of spare parts and garage equipment. Concepts managed by Atoy and owned by independent entrepreneurs include Autofit and Dieselfit garage chains and Osaset spare part shops in Finland as well as the BDS and Bil-Service garage and spare part chains in Sweden and Latvia. Garage chains owned by Atoy Group include Atoy Service, Atoy Diesel Service, Atoy Truck Service, and ZF Center in Kuopio, which specialises in gearbox repairs of heavy duty equipment. Through its own garage chains, Atoy collects information and experience from the automotive sector to better serve its consumer and garage customers.

Financial key figures

–  Turnover: 110M€

– More than 500 employees

– Fourth-largest automotive service company in Nordic countries